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How Safe Is AM-Wallet?

You are protected by a 3-layer security and fraud prevention protocol, and your funds are insured up to €150 million by BitGo Asset Management, a licensed, regulated financial institution in the European Union.

Note: We kindly ask you not to share your card not the PIN code it with anyone. You can change your PIN code at any moment in the Crypterium app. In case of any suspicious activity with your card balance, please temporarily block your card and reach out to our support team.

How Safe Is AM-Debit Card?

There is nothing to worry about when we are speaking about AMDG security!

AMDG wallet itself is protected by a sophisticated bank-level security system and the funds are fully insured. All your online payments are protected with a new authentication protocol 3D Secure 2.0, which has 2 additional stop factors: a secret word that you set up in the app, and a unique OTP code sent to your mobile phone for the purchase authorization.

In case you opt for cash withdrawals from ATM, you will be asked to confirm the action with a PIN code, which is also set up in the app.


Process Transactions In Seconds

AMDG Apps runs its transactions off-chain making them instantaneous. This means we don't need to wait until they are validated on blockchain to process them. Off-chain transactions also offer more security to the participants, because details are not publicly broadcast.

Our Documentation

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