Senior Front-End/ UI Developer

Job Description

The internet continues to develop at great speed, and AMDG remains on the cutting edge with exceptional website designs. We’re looking for a skilled web developer to join our team of innovative designers who are consistently raising the bar on creativity and user experiences. The ideal candidate is a talented artist with extensive technical expertise who can work alongside a team and independently in the creation, maintenance, and updates of websites for clients in a variety of industries. Proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other web services and program applications is essential to succeeding in this role. The web developer will have an immediate effect on our brand, as well as an ongoing impact in solidifying our industry-wide reputation for stellar design.

Objectives of this Role

·         Create code that's neatly organized, and looks good

·         Create websites and user interfaces, using standard HTML/CSS practices

·         Create and maintain workflows with teams to provide visibility and ensure workload balance for consistent visual design

·         Coordinate with back-end team on required UI.

·         Maintain updated knowledge of new and emerging industry trends and technology

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

·         Develop and design the layout and the overall look of a website by using standard current website language

·         Be responsible for maintaining, expanding, and scaling our site

·         SEO keyword management strategy

·         Develop and maintain strategic operational systems, tools, and processes, including participation in tactical and strategic development projects

·        Work quickly and carefully to complete small edits requested by customers, develop plans for completing larger projects, collaborate with colleagues, and suggest new solutions to improve existing websites

·         Perform UI designs and coding, creating reusable objects and templates, wireframes for web pages and email templates; manage maintenance, updates, expansions, and scaling of each design

·         Perform regular file backups to local directories for recovery

Skills and Qualifications

·         Minimum D3 degree , preferred major in Computer/Design, or related field.

·         Age max. 30 years old.

·         Minimum 1 year experience as a Senior Front-End/ UI developer, or related field.

·         Working knowledge of HTML5, Bootstrap, JQuery, Javascript, and all supporting plugins in building a UI.

·         Working experience with any framework such as Laravel, Angular js, React js, Pyton and ASP.Net CORE

·         Familiar in design tools : Photoshop, Flash, Coreldraw, is a plus.

·         Passion in creativity, explore new things and innovation

·         Working experience in Windows and Linux environments

Preferred Skills

·         Experience as a Senior Front-End/ UI developer.

·         Experience working in a web developer team

·         Familiar using git for team collaboration.

Send your CV to [email protected]